We are…

…supporting Jonquil on 23rd May at Cargo, alongside Kites! Please regard the elegant flyer below for most if not all of the pertinent information. 





Hey hey,

For all of our fans who hate the idea of London, we’ll be playing at the Sounds From the Other City festival in Salford on 6th May. More specifically, we will be playing the Now Wave & Off With Their Heads stage at Islington Mill, alongside a multitude of great bands. If you want to catch us, we’ll be on around 11pm

There’s loads going on so should be a fucking blast. There are literally 8 different ways to get tickets too, what more could you ask for?

A date to consider…

Hey people, on Tuesday 24th April we will be playing a show with the excellent THEESatisfaction and Young Fathers at Madame Jojo’s. We’ll be on at around 8ish so come early if you can bear to be out at that time. I’m sure the sun will be down by that point, so it’s all good.

Tickets and info here




We guest curated a few videos we like on Schmooze Blog:


Yes Yes Y’all

All being well, we should be playing a short acoustic set at the pop-up record store day at Orange Dot on December 3rd.

If the word “acoustic” makes you think fuck that shit, or you only come out at night, we’ll be playing a much louder electronic set at Notting Hill Arts Club on the 8th (more details on that to come).

But this should be a cool day anyhow, so come regardless and get some records and see some bands.

Unofficial Eyes On You Lyrics

Unofficial things are always the best kinds of things, so here are the unofficial lyrics to Eyes On You, via sweetslyrics.com.

Although it does become increasingly challenging to sing along to the actual song using these lyrics, it is fun and rewarding to stretch out the words in new ways to fit somehow, or fill in the included gaps with your own favourite phrases.

It’s hard to tell whether the “Thanks to feel” line at the end is intended as part of the lyrics, or if it is simply a grateful shout-out to somebody called feel. Either way these lyrics are more than excellent.

Thanks to feel